Covid 19 corona virus, temporary disruption to supplies of erectile dysfunction tablets

Disruption to supplies.

Due to the pandemic we are experiencing some disruption to our supply chain. This will only be temporary but is unavoidable.

However, if there is a problem obtaining some branded medications we can, mostly still supply the generic version.

So, what are generics?

Generics are an unbranded version of a drug that is no longer under patent. They contain exactly the same ingredients as the branded version and do exactly the same job but usually are less costly.

While big pharmacutical companies have to charge a premium to recover the cost of research and development and also marketing, once the patent has expired doctors are allowed to prescribe less expensive generic versions.

Many of you have placed your trust in us for many years and we want to reassure you that we will never supply any treatment that has not undergone vigorous clinical testing and has been licensed by the UK medical authorities.

Thank you for your continued custom and we wish you and your families good health in these difficult times.