Q. “Do I need a prescription to order?”

Q. “How much do you charge for a consultation with a doctor to write the prescription?”

Q. “I am curious how you can send me a prescription medication without a prescription?”

Q. “why is your company able to offer genuine..?) viagra to UK residents without a prescription?”

A. You do not need to supply a prescription to DRM to order Viagra (or other products).
Your completed Medical Declaration Form will be reviewed by a Doctor and if approved your prescription will be written here.
Unlike some providers, there is NO additional charge for this, it is included in the advertised price.

Q. “Can DRM supply in larger quantities?”

Q. “Is it possible to get two tablets of viagra instead of at least 8?”

A. DRM only supply in the quantities advertised on the website.
4 (or multiples thereof) tablets are available per order. If you would like to purchase Viagra in larger (wholesale) quantities and are licensed to trade in pharmaceuticals DRM can refer you to our trading partners.
It is uneconomical to supply in quantities of less than 4.

Q. “How long does delivery take?”

Q. “I know it says 21 days, but what is the ACTUAL time.”

A. Your order will normally be despatched on the day of your order if received before 1P.M (not weekends or holidays). Orders to the UK should arrive within 48 hours. Please allow 7 working days to Europe, 15 working days to rest of the world.
Please allow extra time in case of postal delays and take seasonal delays into account.

Q. “Do you supply different strengths of viagra?”

A. DRM can supply all strengths of viagra on request, but prefer not to supply the 100mg strength on a first order.

Q. “And what to do when you don’t have a credit card?”

It is possible to order using someone elses credit card (i.e. your spouse). You must of course have their permission! and their name and address must be included on the order form.

Q. “I wonder whether you could accept the payment by cash or personal check of Bank of America.”

A. We are sorry, but we are no longer accepting cheques.

Q. “What is your pricing?”

A. Prices and quantities are on the order form and also on our pricing page CLICK HERE .
There is also a facility to check the rate of exchange to your own currency.

Q. “Is it possible to mail them to me without its name Viagra on postpackage?”

A. All orders are sent in plain padded envelopes.
There is no mention of the name of the drug on the outside of the packaging. Where necessary for customs purposes the package may be discreetly marked with “prescribed tablets” or similar.

Q. “How do I purchase viagra confidentially without going through my family GP???”

Q. “Please send me details of how I can purchase Viagra by mail order from you.”

A. Please follow the simple directions on
You can phone or fax the office at any time dring working hours for assistance if necessary.

Q. “What hours are DRM’s offices open?”

A. DRM are in the GMT time zone and observe daylight-saving in Summer.
You can normally speak to someone between 10:00 – 16:00 GMT Monday – Friday.
Faxes and emails may be sent any time, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Our staff will answer them as soon as possible.

Q. “Very highly impressed by the speed and efficiency with which my recent order was met. What is the routine for re-ordering ?”

Q. “I have recently received a prescription of Viagra from yourselves. Could you please tell me how I go about ordering some more.”

A. To re-order, you will usually need to provide another completed Medical Declaration form. Please phone or email our offices for guidance.

Q. “How long does it take for delivery to the USA?”

A. The post office have told us that International Recorded Delivery (Air Mail) should take around 5 – 10 working days to the mainland USA.

Q. “I have just found your web site, but when I click on the ‘order form’ nothing happens.”

Ensure that you are using the Online Order Form on our secure server
The other order forms on the website are for faxed or posted orders and need to be printed out and completed by hand before posting or faxing to DRM.
You should be able to print these form(s) using the ‘print’ button on your browser, or choosing ‘file’ & ‘print’ from the taskbar at the top of the screen.

Q. “is it legal for me to order these?”

Q. “if I place an order with yourselves will I be breaking any UK laws regarding import?”

A. DRM operate entirely within the law.
It is completely legal for you to order these for import into the UK for your personal use.
Most countries operate a policy whereby you can import drugs for personal use from other countries.
DRM have sent orders to most countries worldwide with no problems so far.

Q. “Taken receipt of 5 viagra today, as ordered. The package was opened by Customs in Mount Pleasant, London, sealed and sent on with a £5.25 charge.”

However when it was delivered no request was made for payment of the charge!
A. DRM are disputing with U.K. H.M. Customs and Excise department why they are charging V.A.T on prescription drugs.
Unfortunately, a few orders (approximately 5 – 10%) are charged V.A.T. on entry to some EU countries even though the goods are prescribed medication and we believe they should attract no V.A.T.
It seems that some offices are charging V.A.T. and some are not, and the rate charged seems to be different in each case!
Not only this, but often it is charged incorrectly as ‘underpaid postage’ which is misleading.
It is not our intention to mislead our customers and there is a statement on every order form stating;
“Goods are despatched tax-free in the EU, but DRM cannot be responsible for local taxes or import restrictions which may apply in other countries.”
At this time, we will refund or allow a credit on your next order (up to the value of the VAT i.e. 17.5% of the order value for the UK).
Please retain the receipt and send it to our Jersey office or enclose it with your next order.
STOP PRESS – We are now despatching all goods from within the EU and there will be no further VAT charged on orders to the UK.

Q. “I was wondering if you sell medications other than viagra?”

A. DRM currently supply Viagra, Uprima, Cialis, Avodart, XENICAL, Propecia and several other lifestyle-enhancing treatments.
Please see the website(s) for the latest news or check the sitemap.
There are several other interesting products that we are assessing for their ability to improve the lifestyle and health of our customers.
Please call back again regularly to check what is new.

Q. “Are you able to send mail order goods using Fedex or equivalent ?”

A. DRM have not found courier services to be any more reliable or any quicker than the methods we currently use, even though they are more expensive.
There tend to be longer delays in Customs with courier post, and there can be difficulties sending products to some customers without prescriptions valid in the destination countries.

Q. “can you ship viagra to the US?”

A. DRM are currently unable to send any orders to North America (both USA and Canada) due to difficulties both with shipping and in obtaining payment in too many cases. We are however shipping to the EU and over 20 other countries worldwide (and growing).
DRM can despatch to any country, but cannot be responsible for any delays, restrictions or taxes on arrival.

Q. “I wonder if it’s possible to buy Xenical directly from your store/office at British Channel Islands?”

A. DRM operate a mail-order operation only and because of the administration necessary to prescribe and dispense drugs it is not possible to serve callers at our offices.

Q. “I notice that it is aimed for men.

Is it (Viagra) alright for women to take?” A. Trials are underway at present on the treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction using Viagra.
Viagra has certainly been used by women but we are not able to prescribe it at this time.
We have heard that licensing for women is likely to be available in the new year.
Rest assured that as soon as it is possible, DRM will be able to supply Women with the products they have been asking for.
New!! ‘Her Pleasure’ for women

Q. “Heard so much about fake viagra on the market. How can I be sure your product is “real”?”

Q. “How can I be assured of a genuine product?”

A. DRM have been providing lifestyle treatments online and by mail order for many years.
DRM have been featured on National and International Television and Newspapers, and have been the subject of articles in Magazines and other periodicals worldwide.
If we were not supplying the genuine article you can be sure we would not still be trading!

Q. “How do I dial your number from the US?”

A.You will need to dial the international access code for the UK (010-44), then the area code (1481) then the phone number 0845 121 6667).
This should be;-
Phone – 0845 121 6667 (UK local rate)
Fax – 0845 121 6669 (UK local rate)

Please check with your phone company for any regional variations.

If you have further queries or questions please email us at;- enquiries or phone or fax the above numbers.

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