Can medication affect impotence tablets?

Some erectile dysfunction tablets can affect the effectiveness of impotence drugs such as cialis or viagra. See what our doctor says.

I have type 2 diabetes and was given Cialis pills for erectile dysfunction.

Blood pressure?

They worked well initially, but it’s a bit hit and miss now and I wondered if my blood pressure tablets are to blame.


I am on metabet for my diabetes, ramipril and amlodipine for my blood pressure and simvastatin to cut my cholesterol.


Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition, particularly in older men and those with type 2 diabetes.

Sugar levels

With diabetes high levels of sugar in the blood can damage vessels and nerves, reducing the blood flow and sensation in the penis, making it difficult to get aroused.

Chemical imbalance

Levels of nitric oxide, a chemical thats key to having an erection, can also be low in people with diabetes.

Blood pressure

The effect of blood pressure drugs on ED  has been well studied and the two that you are taking – ramipril and amlodipine –  are least likely to cause a problem.


The simvastatin, which you are taking to reduce your cholesterol, doesn’t affect erections and could actually be beneficial, by helping to keep the key blood vessels healthy.

Holistic approach

But we shouldn’t think only about your medication; we need to consider your lifestyle as a whole.

Stop smoking

If you are a smoker, or are overweight addressing both of these things could help.


You should continue trying to lower your blood pressure by taking your metabet tablets and maintaining a healthy diet. Studies suggest regular exercise, such as jogging or cycling, may also help.


Lastly, try not to worry. Confidence is all-important and the fact is that Cialis or Viagra sometimes helps, tells us that your body can respond.

Don’t worry

However, the occasional failure can damage confidence and breed anxiety, both of which can affect erectile function. So keep positive, make sure your weight and blood sugar are under control and be sure to take exercise on a daily basis, and you should see an improvement.

Things can improve

You may not get back the erectile function you had as a young man, but the prospects are good.